Antique carpets

Mollaian antique carpets collection, from the 19th and early 1900s, original and rare with vegetable colors, large size unavailable for selection, the perfect state of conservation, unique, unrepeatable antique carpets of Persian, Caucasian and Anatolian origin, handcrafted by the great weaving masters of Amgulì, Arak, Bakhshayesh, Bakù, Chelabard, Chondzorek, Chila, Dabir Kashan, Daghestan, Ferahan, Gangè, Hajigialili, Heriz, Isfahan, Kashan, Karabagh, Karachop, Kasim Usciak, Kashkai, Kazak, Kerman, Kuba, Mashad, Mogan, Moha, Saruq, Senneh, Sevan, Shikli, Shirvan, Sultanabad, Sumak, Tabriz, Talish.

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