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Persian Kerman rugs

The Kerman rugs, also called Kirman, are made in the South East of Persia, they are rugs always with floral designs and quite distinguishable for the colors that vary from blue, beige, blue, to a central medallion. At one time and in antiquity the best Persian rugs were considered, famous the design of the Kerman almost always red in large dimensions called Imperial Kerman, very important and refined with the prayer and tree of life designs and rugs with a thousand flowers, very fine and refined, the Kerman Ravar workmanship, also known as Kirman Lavar, the woolen fleece and weft and warp are made of cotton, double Persian knot with a density that can vary as much as to touch 800,000 knots per square meter in fine and ancient specimens, in recent productions a little has been lost in the quality and enamel of the best times, but they are always pleasant carpets in soft colors available in good quality.

The most common and easiest to find formats are: bedside rugs 90x60 - 120x80 small sizes 150x90 - 200x120 medium sizes 250x160 - 280x180 large sizes 300x200 - 350x250 -400x300 runners 200x70 -250x75 - 300x80 square sizes 100x100 - 150x150 - 200x200- 250x250- 250x200