Antique Caucasian Sumak 357x218

Antique Sumak Caucasian rug 357x218

  • 360x220
  • Azerbaijan - Caucasian
  • Ancient early 900
  • Gradient orange and blue
  • Anthracite
  • 6 mm
  • 1,8 Kg
  • Fine Sumak
  • Perfect
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Sumak or Sumaq Ancient Caucasian 357x218, Sumak Ancient Caucasian rug from the early 1900s, original antique rug hand-worked and embroidered in the Azerbaijan area, weft and warp in wool, kilim sumak and compact satin in perfect condition, without restorations, large size 357x218 , Mollaian Collection antique rugs Measurements: 360x220 Technical data: State of the antique carpet Composition of wool Wool Texture of the textured geometric Style Wool Density of the medium knot Color type Vegetable and natural Height of the fleece Satin and compact Robustness Excellent Fringes Very short fringes

Data sheet

Antique carpet
Data sheet
Sumak geometric
Type of knotting
Kilim sumak
pile composition:
Wool sumak
color type
vegetable and natural colors
Fleece height
sumak satin
carpet was
plot composition
Knot density
Fringe Short Wool

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