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Antique Bukara Tekkeh 230 x 210 Uzbekistan

Antique Bukara Tekkeh 230 x 210, Uzbekistan

  • 220x220
  • Original Oriental Geometric Rug
  • Uzbekistan Ex Russia
  • Ancient order of 800
  • Antique pink
  • Terracotta - Beige - Gray
  • 8 mm
  • 2,1 kg
  • Extra fine - Double knot
  • Antique with restoration
  • Original with certificate - Unique piece - Free Premium Shipping
  • 20% extra discount with cod BF20
€4,057.38 (tax incl.) €8,114.75 -50% €4,057.38 (tax excl.)

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Original Bukara Tekkeh rug Antique from the end of the 19th century, knotted and worked in the current Ex Russia Uzbekistan, square measures 230x210, characteristic geometric elephant paw pattern, with vegetable and natural colors and designs in orange, black and brown, restored antique carpet in good condition , original handmade Bukara Tekkeh rug, ideal for all rooms, fleece, warp and wool, ancient geometric design. Also called Bukhara.

  • Antique Bukara Tekkeh rug late 800 Uzbeckistan (Former Russia)
  • Measures 230 x 210, Thickness 8 mm, Weight 2.1 Kg per M.Q.
  • Fleece, warp and weft 100% Wool, vegetable and natural colors
  • Original handmade extra fine, antique single piece
  • Free shipping from Mollaian Oriental Rugs
Data sheet
Antique carpet
Geometric across the board
pile composition:
color type
vegetable and natural colors
Fleece height
Low and compact
carpet was
Knot density
Fringe Short Wool
Antique original antique handmade single piece rug
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