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Bukara Mashad Vintage Persia 108x55

Old Bukara Mashad rug- tapestry Persia 108 x 55 golden yellow

  • 110x55
  • Original Tapestry
  • Persian
  • old
  • Light Yellow - Pink - Anthracite
  • Beige - Blue - old Pink
  • 7.5 mm
  • 2,6 Kg
  • Medium - Double knot
  • Old in good condition
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  • Original with certificate - Unique piece - Free Premium Shipping
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€118.85 (tax incl.) (€200.85 al MQ.) €237.70 -50% €118.85 (tax excl.)

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Old Bukara Mashad rug- tapestry Persia 108 x 55 golden yellow, the Poshti rug, which means Pillow, is the outer part of carpet pillow, which were used in ancient Persian furnishings, has a classic geometric design Bukara elephant paw, with fringes on the long side of the carpet, it is original handmade with double Persian knot in bright vegetable colors in red and anthracite shades, the wefts and warp are in cotton, short fringes in well-finished cotton.

Data sheet
Old vintage carpet
Carpet tapestry
Type of knotting
Double Senneh knot
pile composition:
color type
vegetable mineral
Fleece height
Low and compact
carpet was
plot composition
Knot density
short cotton fringes
Old original handmade single piece carpet
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