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Tabriz 60R extra fine Persia Silk 125x77

Original Tabriz 60R extra-fine carpet Persia with silk 125 x 77 - carpet with white silk inserts - Also available in pairs.

  • 125x80
  • Small carpet - up to 135 cm
  • Original Classic Persian Rug
  • Persian
  • New
  • White - Beige - White silk
  • Coral - Green
  • 7 mm
  • 2,5 Kg
  • Extra fine - Double knot
  • Credit Card - Nexi XPay - Transfer - No Paypal
  • Even in pairs
  • Cashback - Additional extra discount at the checkout with Login and registered customers
€983.61 Tax included (€1,024.48 al MQ)€1,967.21-50% €983.61 (tax excl.)

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Precious and original Tabriz 60R extra-fine Persian carpet with silk 125 x 77 -  with white silk insert new rug with a double knot of approximately 750,000 knots per square meter, the warp, and weft in fine, fine cotton and the fleece in fine wool and white silk. Together with Qum silk and extra fine Isfahan, they are considered the best Persian rugs for the quality and beauty of the patterns and the chromatic effect, perfect for classy environments, entirely hand-knotted on the very thin and compact fine cotton weave. Also available in pairs.

New product
classic floral
Type of knotting
Double Senneh knot
pile composition:
Wool and silk
color type
Synthetic Vegetable Mix
Fleece height
carpet was
plot composition
Knot density
Extra fine
Very high
short cotton fringes
New original handmade unique piece carpet
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