Soho 2 ECRU Blue

Soho 2 ECRU Blue

Soho 2 ECRU Blue carpet worked with mechanical frame with composition 53% Polypropylene, 36% Jute, 5% Latex, 2% Cotton, 4% Polyester.

  • 190x133 size
  • 230x160
  • 290x200
  • Turkey
  • New
  • Gray, Taupe, Blue
  • Blue
  • 6.5 mm
  • 1,98 Kg
  • Mechanical frame carpet
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Soho 2 ECRU Blue modern rug, frame in Anatolia Turkey, rectangular rug worked with mechanical frame and finished by hand with Composition 53% Polypropylene, 36% Jute, 5% latex, 2% Cotton and 4% Polyester. the short fleece with a thickness of 6.5 mm and a total weight of 1.98 kg for each MQ. Available sizes 290x200 - 230x160 - 190x133, and two designs and 5 different colors. Professional washing with water, cleaning and maintenance with vacuum cleaner.

Data sheet

New product
Data sheet
Modern design
Type of knotting
Industrial product carpet
color type
eco-friendly synthetic
carpet was
without fringes

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