Kilim Kaudani 238x175

Modern Kilim Kaudani multicolour 238x175 Afghanistan

  • 240x170
  • Afghanistan
  • New
  • Brilliant Multicolored
  • Brilliant Multicolored
  • 3.5 mm
  • 1,2 Kg
  • Fine kilim
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238x175 measure living room multi-color Kilim Kaudani patchwork, it differs from the classic carpets for flat and braided satin fleece, inspired by the ancient Kilim and geometric carpets knotted by Afghani craftsmen, colors are natural and vegetal very bright and melange, with geometric patterns, Kilim Kaudani very compact and durable and an excellent object for modern or classic furniture. Kilim Kaudani are tribal carpets hand-woven by the Uzbek tribes of Afghanistan. In this group of Kilim the drawings are still archaic, but the colors are much more cheerful and pleasant with a melange effect for a very refined taste. The wool is entirely spun by hand and natural and vegetable color, 3.5 mm thick and a weight for each MQ of 1.2 kg, with excellent value for money. Available in variety of sizes designs, Original with 2 years warranty Mollaian.

Data sheet

New product
Data sheet
modern kilim
Type of knotting
pile composition:
Wool kilim
color type
vegetable mineral
Fleece height
Satin kilim
carpet was
plot composition
Knot density
without fringes

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