Antique carpets

Collection of ancient Mollaian rugs, from the 19th and the early 20th century, original and rare with vegetal colors, large sizes unobtainable from the collection, perfect state of preservation, unique unrepeatable antique carpets of Persian, Caucasian and Anatolian origin, handcrafted by great masters of: Amgulì , Arak, Bakhshayesh, Baku, Chelabard, Chondzorek, Chila, Dabir Kashan, Dagestan, Ferahan, Ganges, Hajigialili, Heriz, Isfahan, Kashan, Karabagh, Karachop, Kasim Usciak, Kashkai, Kazak, Kerman, Kuba, Mashad, Mogan, Mohaesham , Saruq, Senneh, Sevan, Shikli, Shirvan, Sultanabad, Sumak, Tabriz, Talish ....

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Antique Persian Kashan 255x200 perfect.

Old Persian Qum Herati fine 295 x 195

Old Persian Qum extra fine 340x240 perfect.

Antique Karabagh Azerbaijan 275x143

Antique Malayer carpet 188x128, end of 800 Persia.

Antique Persian kerman 260x175.

Ancient Kerman Persia 2nd half 800 326x230 extra fine

Antique Beijing patchwork China 131x90

Antique Malayer carpet 375x155, end of 800 Persia.

Saruk Persia 283x190 ancient 1920

Antique Malayer carpet 202x108, early 900 Persia.

Kasim Ushak 261x164 old caucasian Karabagh

Antique Derbent Azerbaijan 225x140

Antique Tabriz Khoi rug Persia 386x290 light color beige and red

Antique Derbent Azerbaijan 237x140

Antique Persian Kashan Manchester 470x350 perfect.

Antique Sumak or sumaq Caucasian rug 385x210

Antique Persian Mashad 470x335 red wine perfect

Antique Sumak or sumaq Caucasian rug 385x210

Antique Sumak Caucasian rug 357x218

Antique Sumak or sumaq Caucasian rug 385x210

Antique Sumak Caucasian rug 280x167

Antique Sumak or sumaq Caucasian rug 360x175

Antique Sumak Caucasian rug 315x155