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With the use of the Virtual POS and SSL connection, we guarantee all international safety standards.

You can use your Amazon account to pay for everything safely with AmazonPay without registering.

With the paypal system at the conclusion of the purchase and after having filled all the necessary fields, you can choose to pay with Paypal if you already registered with paypal system, or pay directly with your credit card without any additional commission even if not owners of Paypal account.

Using the Nexi system you can safely pay with all types of credit card from the most common Visa, Mastercard, American Express ect.

Wire transfer

After the purchase, our bank details will be confirmed. To be able to speed up shipments, a copy of the payment must be sent to the email address:

Banca Popolare Pugliese 

Mollaian S.a.s.

Iban code: IT20H0526216081CC0811006538