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Tabriz Persia rugs

Tabriz rugs have an old tradition as Tabriz was a city of great masters, they are very precious and important decorative rugs in all its workings with elaborate and defined floral designs, often using silk, they do not have a traditional color in the old manufacture and the variety can be numerous, while in recent Tabriz rugs they are characterized in that they always have a subtle processing always wool and silk with delicate colors ranging from beige to shades of salmon pink, sometimes even the weft and warp can being silk in this case this gives the Tabriz carpet a greater shine and finesse and consequently a greater value, the fleece in wool and silk with texture usually in fine cotton, double knotted satin and compact knots, in various densities of knots, from the most common vintage Tabriz 30r rugs of varying density between 100,000 to 120,000 knots up to the exemplary masterpieces of the best known masters in the world of Tabriz 80R and Tabriz 90R which with silk weaving touch one million knots per sq m. One of the most important and well-known weavers of the Tabriz carpet from the 19th century is certainly Master Haji-Jalili.

The most common and easiest to find formats are: bedside rugs 90x60 - 120x80 small sizes 150x9100 - 200x150 medium sizes 250x160 - 280x180 large sizes 300x200 - 350x250 -400x300 runners 200x80 -250x80 - 300x80 square and round sizes - 150x150 - 200x200- 250x250- 250x200