List of products by brand Nain

Persia Nain rug is one of the most beautiful rugs in the world, they are oriental rugs that are knotted around the city of Nain, the weaving of the Nain began around the 30s, they are recognized for their central medallion and compositions of blue, beige-ivory, hazelnut colors they can have a blue, red, green or blue background, or completely a light background. One of the most famous master weavers in Nain is Habibian with the density of knots that touches a million knots per M.q. Nain rugs are available in different sizes and qualities, from the finer called 6 line, to the 9 always extra fine, to the less fine called tabass quality and similar manufactures as color and motifs but less fine and cheaper knotted in the Kashmar area.

The most common and easiest to find formats are: bedside rugs 90x60 - 130x70 small sizes 150x100 - 170x110 - 200x130 medium sizes 240x160 - 250x200 large sizes 300x200 - 350x250 - 300x300 - 400x300 runners 220x90 - 300x80 square sizes 100x100 - 150x150 - 200x200 - 250x250 - 300x300