Gabbeh and Modern Carpets

Gabbeh rugs, are the handicraft and particular manufactures of the tribal tribes of the central south Persian area, rugs with geometric and straightforward designs stylized and often in stable or two colors, soft wool and high fleece and vegetable and natural colors, the original Gabbeh quality more critical are the products of the upper floor Fars area Shiraz from the Qashqai or Kashkai tribes, but now the rugs with Gabbeh designs are produced in all countries producing rugs, as in Afghanistan with the Gabbeh products or modern decorative rugs with the ancient designs Heriz prayer, ancient Serapi, ancient Bakhshayesh, ancient Khorgin or ancient Sultanabad revised as design and colors, among the essential new productions are modern Ariana rugs, modern Khorgin rugs, modern Sultanabad rugs, Ziegler deco.