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Bercana or Berkana carpet - Beijing extra fine original hand-knotted in China, they are the best recent and 70s-80s rugs of Chinese production, the style is floral carpet with drawings of the ancient Persians, thick with small motifs, beige, blue colors and blue in pastel shades, light and rarely red, very tight and compact double knot, weft and warp in very fine cotton and fleece in fine Merino wool, excellent finishing of fringes and edges, very regular as a texture with the knot density from the minimum 360,000 up to 1,000,000 knots per square meter, in the specimens with extra fine isfahan designs even with silk weave, they are very pleasant rugs and easy to insert in any environment and comparable in quality and strength to the best Qum kurk, Kashan kurk and Isfahan, but the Classic Bercanas are with ancient Kermen Ravar designs and colors.

Bercana China 560x375
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Bercana - Berkana extra fine China 560x375 blue light blue green