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Kilim Kaudani Susani 229x175

Kilim Kaudani Susani 229x175, Original Modern Kilim Hand Embroidered Afghanistan

Kilim Kaudani Susani 229x175, Original Modern Kilim Hand Embroidered Afghanistan, modern floral design embroidered on the basis of lilac all-over Kilim brilliant vegetable colors, original Afghan hand-worked very fine, ideal for modern environments. wool fleece, fine cotton warp weave, linear all-round floral design. also called Kilim Susani. 2-year warranty, excluding damage caused by incorrect use and washing. Technical data State Kilim New Composition fleece Wool Texture composition Cotton Style stylized floral embroidered Type of knotting Kilim Susani embroidered Density of the end knot Type color Plant and natural brilliants, Height of the low fleece Kilim High stiffness Fringes closed to selvedge. Original with 2 years warranty Mollaian.

Kilim Suzani Kaudani Afghanistan

Measures 229 x 175, thickness 3.5 mm, Weight 1.5 Kg/m2

Wool fleece color Lilac satin kilim,

Original multicolor design, handmade, unique piece.

2 years Mollaian Carpet Guarantee

New carpet
modern kilim
Type of knotting
Kilim sumak
pile composition:
Wool kilim
color type
natural mineral
Cotton Wool
without fringes
New Kilim original handmade single piece
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