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Bercana China 560x375

Bercana - Berkana extra fine China 560x375 blue light blue green

  • 560x380
  • Extra large carpet - up to 600 cm
  • Originale Oriental Classic Carpet
  • China
  • New
  • Light Blue - Blue
  • Green - Blue
  • 13 mm
  • 3,5 Kg
  • Medium Fine - Double knot
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(€331.77 al MQ)

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Bercana China 560x375
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Bercana Beijing (Berkana) extra fine carpet, 560x375, hand-knitting and processing in China, floral carpet style with drawings of ancient Persians, thick and small patterns, light blue and blue colors of pastel and light tones, very tight and compact double knot, weft and warp in fine cotton and fleece in fine merino wool, excellent finishing of fringes and edges and very regular as weaving, comparable to the best Qum kurk and Kashan kurk with designs and colors of kermen. rare carpet especially large size, 600x400 format, Mollaian code 7780

New carpet
classic floral
Type of knotting
double knot
pile composition:
color type
eco-friendly synthetic
Fleece height
carpet was
plot composition
Knot density
Very high
Fringes medium length
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